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Hot Offers

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    Water Pumps

    We sell water pumps of differrent sizes and properties like. IDB, CPM, and JET Series
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    Brake Motors

    High quality Brake motors YEJ Series with DC brake with protection degree IP54
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    Plastic fans

    We have all variety of plastic fans especially from Italy. These fans are good in use and durabley


Main office and Central workshop:
Jeddah - Kilo 8 Old Makkah Road
Phone: +966-12-6200737
Fax.: +966-12-6235033
Kilo 8 showroom :
Phone: +966-12-6208684 Ext: 106 & 107
Al Tamaneen (Al Makrona) shop:
Al Tamaneen (Al Makrona)
Phone: 6540040
Fax.: 6540040